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82 West Bottle of Mutiny rum with tumbler cup

Each of our rum varieties is developed through constant experimentation and iteration until we find the perfect balance of flavors to evoke a celebration of rum’s centuries-long history as the preferred beverage of sailors and seafarers.


Our name, 82° West, refers to the longitude line that passes directly through Tampa Bay, ensuring that we’ll always be able to find our way home. Our rum embodies the spirit of Tampa, from the coastal sunshine to the creative energy of the city, back through our history as a home for renegades and rebels, artists and entrepreneurs, and visionaries from all walks of life.

Our rum pairs well with days at the beach, swaying palm trees, a fine cigar, and celebrations for all occasions—or no occasion at all.

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Changing Tampa's
Spirit Culture

We began with a dream—to bring great rum to the city we love. We began experimenting with distilling and testing ingredients at home before Tampa allowed craft distilleries in the city limits. We worked directly with the city to update those zoning regulations, allowing us to open the first craft rum distillery in Tampa. 


As the first craft distillery in Tampa’s city limits, we worked to build not only a production house, but a central gathering place where the people of Tampa could learn about high-quality spirit production, sample spirits, and enjoy great conversation.

Our Story

82° West Distilling was founded with a passion for craft distilling, a dedication to the heritage of rum, and expertly-combined natural ingredients. Our vision is to bring the same artistry and creativity to rum that the craft brewing movement brought to beer.