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Preparation of Materials for the Defense of the Dissertation

The provisions to be defended should be outlined before the study is carried out. To do this, it is enough to answer the questions: what do I intend to study, for what, how to solve the problem in order to obtain a more effective result? In the future, the researcher from only edits the specified parameter, taking into account the progress of the experiment and the results obtained.

Provisions submitted for defense should take into account:

  • Relevance and significance of the research problem;

  • Substantiation of the problem (results of the analytical part);

  • Brief description of the course of the study (sequence of actions - result);

  • Emphasis on the results obtained during the experiment, the results of approbation, etc.

"Provisions to be Protected" specify the work done by the and the result obtained by him. They are formulated according to the following rules:

  • Objectivity and reliability:

  • Consistency and coherence: the text is formulated correctly, should be clear and simple, readable, without any contradictions. All criteria should be outlined in a single bundle, without lyrical digressions and jumps from term to term;

  • Originality: originality should be manifested not only in the text itself, but also in the opinion (position) of the author, the methodology he uses, etc.

Protected Clauses is intended to cover three key aspects:

  • Aspect #1. The essence of the recommendations, that is, what exactly the author studied and for what (purpose).

  • Aspect #2. Feature of the author's idea, that is, how the researcher's proposal differs from similar projects within the framework of the topic under study. Here, the uniqueness of the dissertation as a whole, the position of the researcher and his methods, and the solution he proposes are manifested.

  • Aspect #3. The value and significance of the project. This criterion is manifested in the effectiveness of the results obtained, the possibility of their further application in practice or in science (recommendations), usefulness, etc.

For a competent formulation of the provisions, it is advisable to use generally accepted clichés: it is defined ... (a problem, a specific indicator indicating it, etc.), they are submitted for defense ..., a correspondence is established ... etc.

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