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Bangla Sruti Natok Script Pdf [April-2022]




Friday, October 12, 2016 Buddhism in Sri Lanka Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in Sri Lanka in terms of followers. It also has the largest area of land, approximately 20,000 acres of land. Buddhism is the oldest religion in Sri Lanka. It was introduced by the prince of India, Prince Siddhartha Gautama from Magadha (ancient India) around 500 BC. Buddhism grew more popularity and was introduced to Sri Lanka from India in a series of events in the next 4 centuries. The first Buddhist immigration to Sri Lanka came during the 3rd century B.C. under the Buddhist king, Devanampiya Tissa. Buddhism slowly spread all over the country during the Maurya period. C. 4th Century The 4th century saw the conversion of the King of Kandy, Kassapa (who was the first king to accept Buddhism). Buddhism spread more extensively throughout the country and spread the religion to the island of Walakulanda. Buddhism became more popular and more people followed the religion. E. 6th Century In the year 250, the third king of Anuradhapura, Euwasena appointed Walakulanda as a city to be kept pure and holy. King Gunadasa established the city of Anuradhapura in 6th century and attracted many monks from India to the city. Buddhism grew even more popular in the city as more people became interested in Buddhism. F. 7th Century King Aggabodhi III introduced Buddhism to Ruhuna in the year 599. It was the first time that Buddhism was introduced to the northern province of Ruhuna. Around the year 600, King Aggabodhi IV of Anuradhapura established a monastery in Mahamaugama. It was the largest monastery at the time. Buddhism was the most popular religion at the time. Many monks converted the country. King Mahasena of Anuradhapura established another monastery in Polonnaruwa in the year 637 and took a vow to protect the king’s throne. It was the first monastery in the country. G. 8th Century In the year 728, King Kasyapa II of Anuradhapura introduced Buddhism to the northern province of Kandy and Mahaththiya in 8th century. The Buddhist Stupa at Sigiriya was built by King Kasyapa




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Bangla Sruti Natok Script Pdf [April-2022]

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